… Just quietly surviving.

I haven’t been sick, either, nor have I been unfortunate enough to lose anyone close to me. But it’s been rough mentally, all the same, and my drive to turn out stories and essays has been… let’s call it hiberating. However, despite the world situation becoming more tenuous and stressful, I’ve been waking that drive back up — any positive thing I can contribute, any words of solace or escape, are necessary, no matter how small they are.

I have not been idle, either; I’ve been slowly continuing my programming studies, as well as contributing to and editing two excellent webcomics. The Path To Timbala is a fantasy romp in the vein of classic manga; it offers both grand adventure and touching moments with a diverse cast of vibrant characters. Solivaga is a dark fantasy with strong themes of self-discovery and found family; it offers mystery as well as the catharsis that no matter how dark the world gets, there is always the light of hope.

I’m very proud of the worlds my friends have created, and very pleased by their work and my contribution to it; please check them out.

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